What Today’s Silent Majority REALLY Wants.

Today's Silent Majority knows that individual freedom is being chipped away at, social fabric is eroding, and government is increasingly dysfunctional. But rather than succumbing to extremist and dystopian ideologies, most people yearn for a positive, unifying vision...

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What is Self-Sovereignty?

Defining the terms “self-sovereignty,” “enlightened self-sovereignty,” and “self-sovereignty that serves us all,” as they’re used in The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty.

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Pi Interviews Dr. Gruder about TheCESS

NOTE: The following is the raw unedited transcript of a conversation I had with a "conversational AI" called Pi about The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty. As you'll see while reading this, Pi's conversational abilities are excellent, even though it's not...

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Synopsis1. The Big Bamboozle: An overview of the spells we need to break free of in order to become free to build the future we yearn for. 2. Why Prior Visions of Humanity’s Potential Have Failed: Key reasons grand visions fall short. 3. What Solution Should We Seek?...

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Crafting Humanity’s Best Future… Together!

Just Imagine... Envision a future where inner fulfillment and positive impact seamlessly intertwine; a future in which personal freedom and collective wellbeing harmoniously coexist. Imagine a world where people break free from feeling trapped by external forces so...

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