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We are endowed with free will and wired as social beings who thrive best in communities.

Sacrificing personal liberty for social responsibility — or vice versa — is unsustainable.

Our grand human experiment — as individuals and as societies — is reconciling the inherent tension between personal freedom and collective wellbeing. Navigating this well is the heart of Enlightened Self-Sovereignty.

If doing this is precious to you — and if you know that superior solutions stem from and support a spiritually elevated version of love and wisdom, rather than from our own ego — Dr. Gruder would love to welcome you as a free member of this new platform he’s building.

It’s called The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty.

If you would like to receive an invitation to join when The Center is launched
(possibly on July 4, 2023!), do add yourself to the interest list below.

About The Center for Enligtened Self-Sovereignty

There is growing demand from citizens and leaders for resources to successfully integrate self-sovereignty and collective wellbeing. The need for an integrated suite of resources that promote “Spiritual Self-sovereignty That Serves Us All” is likely to continue to grow.

The Purpose of the Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty (The CESS) is to help make individuals freer, integrity profitable, government saner, and society healthier.

Who The CESS is for: Community leaders, government officials, business executives, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, social influencers, helping professionals, clergy, and self-developers, who are committed to filling their own appointed role in co-creating a spiritually elevated future for humanity.

The CESS Equips You To:

  • Emerge from societal and personal spells that cause chronic stress and powerlessness, undermine your personal freedom, and sabotage our collective wellbeing,
  • Effectively participate in co-creating an elevated future for humanity in which we succeed at integrating self-sovereignty and societal wellbeing through universal spiritual principles and ethics.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

If you would like to receive an invitation to join when The Center is launched
(possibly on July 4, 2023!), do add yourself to the interest list below.

About the Founder of The CESS

Dr. David Gruder is a Board-Chair-Level Advisor and Next Step Catalyst for Changemakers, Leaders, Executives, Influencers, and Helping Professionals.

An Interdisciplinary Psychologist, Dr. Gruder was made for his mission: Integrating Self-Sovereignty, Ethical Profitability, and Societal Wellbeing… in Alignment With Timeless Universal Spiritual Principles.

He has founded for-profits and nonprofits and has sat on the boards of additional for profits and nonprofits. He has trained leaders worldwide… all the way up to World Trade Organization Ambassadors. In 1996, he pioneered an integrated self-development roadmap that received 2 awards, including Colliers Mental Health Book of the Year. In 2008, he authored a 6-award-winning integrated roadmap for restoring societal, business and personal integrity that later became an in-depth online training program. Along the way, his work has also garnered numerous personal awards, including in visionary leadership and culture creation, he was named America’s Integrity Expert, and he became a TEDx Speaker. In 2022, he co-authored a pair of bestselling companion books on how ethical businesses can become sustainably profitable market leaders despite today’s ongoing upheavals.