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 Toward a “Higher Center” in United States Government

The "Higher Center" Movement of Independent Voters

Reunited We Rise

As of 2024, independents are the largest political group in the United States. By far. With 43% of voters. The rest are equally distributed among Democrats and Republicans, at only 27% each. (—as-democrats-and-republicans-dwindle/)

According to a more recent Gallup poll whose results were reported on July 5, 2024, 51% of voters in the United States now identify as independents. If true, this marks the first time in the history of Gallup’s tracking that independent identification is now the majority of surveyed voters. (

In the 2020 election, 53% of independents didn’t vote. 70% of Democrats, 63% of Republicans, and only 31% of Independents reported believing that their vote makes a difference in the outcome of an election. (

Voters who are currently uncertain about their vote for President (“swing voters”) may decide the outcome of the 2024 election. Swing voters are younger and more diverse, reject ideological and partisan labels, broadly dislike both Biden and Trump. 46% say they would back Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.(


Independents are today’s majority — the largest voting bloc in the United States. Independents therefore have an unprecedented opportunity to unite into a new type of healthy radical. Not an extremist radical and not as “bothists” or as conventional “moderates,” but as the Silent Majority in the Middle Who Are No Longer Silent!

What makes this radical? The Silent Majority in the Middle have long been trained to believe they have no power. Who provided this training? Political and media extremists on the far left and far right whose agenda is to manipulate as much of the Silent Majority as possible into adopting their radical ideology

Today’s Independents have an unparalleled opportunity to claim the “Higher Center:” The elevated transpartisan vision on which the United States is based. That higher vision is FREEsponsibility: Harmony between personal freedom and societal wellbeing, rather making one all-important and the other not.

The time has arrived for the “Higher Center”—the Silent Majority who seek an alternative to divisiveness and polarization—to awaken from its slumber and rise up. No longer can the majority afford to remain passive, as extremist ideologies at both ends of the political spectrum threaten our nation’s core principles by being at war against each other.

A Proposed Credo for Members of the “Higher Center”

We, the largest political group in America, have the power to reclaim our country from those who seek to divide and conquer. As healthy radicals of the Higher Center, we come together to defend the values our nation holds dear as the free, united, democratic republic we were always intended to be.

We will no longer stand idly by as extremist ideologies threaten to divide and conquer us. We are seizing this time to stand firm in our Higher Center, refusing to vote for those who seek to impose a radical ideology that subverts our founding principles in the name of patriotism. And by refusing to vote for those who can be manipulated by those seeking to install any extremist ideology, whether left, right, or otherwise.

We combine personal freedom with being greater than ourselves and our personal ideologies. We do this because we know that this and only this is what makes America great… even if the radical left and the radical right have forgotten this.

As the Higher Center we search for a fuller picture that neither extreme provides. We seek to understand the deep concerns and high intentions of all. We combine those concerns and intentions to enable integrated pictures and root cause solutions to emerge. We tolerate neither coercion nor compromise. We stand for collaborative synergy. We recognize all of this as the Pragmatic Utopianism that our country’s founders envisioned. THIS is the Higher Center.

We stand together in this Higher Center, united in our resolve to restore integrity with the high values our nation was meant to embody. We know that only together will we overcome our current challenges and build a truly bright future for generations to come.

We claim this future. We demand it. Now. From all candidates and incumbents that we vote for from now on. And vote for them we shall, now that we are no longer manipulated by the lie that we have no power; that we can’t make a huge difference in the direction our country takes.

The Rallying Cry of the Higher Center

As the Radical Movement of the Elevated Middle, we reclaim our voice as authentic patriots who stand for our country’s most fundamental founding principle: harmony between personal freedom and societal wellbeing. FREEsponsibility is what makes our nation great, and it’s what will restore us as a beacon of hope to the world. We embrace “Higher Center” power, and peacefully yet effectively march together toward a brighter future, guided by our country’s highest founding vision and our Constitution.


“I am a Proud Member of the Higher Center:
I Am Part of the Higher Center Brigade,
Mobilizing to Preserve Our Founding Vision.”

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