This issue of Influence Magazine features Influencer & Authority, Dr. David Gruder Ph.D.

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From the Publisher, David Dunworth, about this Influence Magazine issue: “It is with great honor and pleasure that I showcase my friend and colleague, Dr. David Gruder, Ph.D. (and a bevy of other distinguished alphabets). Although a man of such distinction may sound like a bit of a crusty figure, it is simply not true (see images on page 44).”

This issue includes a number of articles about and by me, along with a bunch of great photos featuring me in action and in my personal life, as well as my bio.


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Are you seeking integrated ways to co-create a better future for yourself and humanity?

A message from Dr. Gruder


I have learned over the past few decades from audience responses to my keynote addresses, training programs, and media appearances, is that the majority of us are unhappy with extremist and dystopian versions of how to deal with the erosion of personal freedom, societal wellbeing, and government effectiveness. People are looking for a positive unifying nonpartisan vision of the future that can simultaneously restores individual freedom, repairs social fabric, and establishes political sanity… along with ways to bring this vision to life through an integrated suite of mindsets, skills, and initiatives.

If you have found that other visions of humanity’s future fall short of the mark in some way, or if you are seeking more effective ways to convert an inspiring vision into practical action, I invite you to have a look around this website so you can discover if the vision and plan I am proposing is closer to what you’re seeking than another approaches you’ve encountered.

If it does, I encourage you to apply to become a free member of The Center Enlightened Self-Sovereignty, and to get involved in whatever ways, and to whatever extent, fits right for you.

Together we can co-create a spiritually elevated future… for ourselves as individuals and in collaboration with our loved ones, and in the groups, communities, and organizations of which we’re part. A future in which we at last integrate personal freedom and societal wellbeing in place of us continuing to pit personal freedom and collective wellbeing against each other.

As a member of TheCESS you’ll discover ways you can help this future emerge. First and foremost within yourself and your spheres of influence. And then, as a ripple effect, for the sake of your country and humanity as a whole. That integrated approach is what Enlightened Self-Sovereignty is all about.

As they say, “I’ll see you on the inside!”


Joining The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty (TheCESS) is simple. Visit our website and sign up as a free member today. By taking this step, you open the doors to a transformative journey, where personal growth, spiritual alignment, and social impact converge.

The time is now to break free from conditioning, embrace spiritual self-sovereignty, and uplevel your capacities. Join the Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty and become a part of a community dedicated to co-creating a transcendent future.

Together, let us embark on a path of personal fulfillment and collective well-being that serves us all.

Become a Founding Member of the CESS and step into a future where personal fulfillment and social impact go hand in hand.