A Sample of the Countless Kudos and Testimonials Dr. Gruder Has Received as a Business Alchemist, Executive Sage, and Integrity Maestro

“David Gruder is a genius, but more than one: he is 8-in-1. His breadth and depth on multiple subjects is unmatched:  leadership, culture, program design & development, integrity, systems & process improvements, wordsmithing, and more. He is an outstanding lens to amplify and accelerate the impact and difference you are out to make.”
Carl Loop

Personal Growth Accelerator/CEO, Global Business Builder

“Dr. Gruder’s knowledge, training, insight, and wisdom have helped me immeasurably in operating at the highest level in both my business and personal life. I highly recommend utilizing Dr. Gruder, whether you want the corporation you lead to run at a higher level of peak performance, want to significantly upgrade the quality of your work or personal relationships, or want to create sustainable happiness and fulfillment for yourself.”
Brian Hartley

CEO, The Body Shield, Inc.

“Dr. Gruder’s counsel in every work situation we have discussed has brought me greater clarity and insight which, in turn, has brought me tremendous success. He models integrity and excellent boundaries, which is a business lesson in and of itself. I highly recommend him as an integral member of any team which wants to soar.”
Shannon White

Mdiv, Church Pastor & Author

“David’s personable and disarming style combine with his training design talents and impeccable materials to create powerful changes in thinking and behavior that result in more satisfying lives and career effectiveness.”
the late Jude Gladstone-Cade

Former Trainer for the Ken Blanchard Companies

“Dr. David Gruder is a master communicator who combines the wisdom of the great sages, the practical knowledge of a business guru, and the compassion of the greatest empaths. He has a gift for breaking down complex life situations into a language and framework that is easily understood, and then providing very hands-on practical solutions to help you move forward with your goals. He is a valuable asset who can help you to create a more successful and fulfilling future.”
Amer Moiduddin


“You are a great asset to any board and a gem yet to be discovered by Global Governance Bodies. The world will be a better place if minds like you can be harvested for peace, justice and integrity. Corruption will be dealt a great blow because of your ideals.”
Dr. Iwowarri Berian James

Golden Rays Institute, Nigeria

“Dr. Gruder is the best at the intersection of psychology, business and leadership. He excels at setting aside his vast erudition, and suspending his intricate and sophisticated – yes, transcendent – worldview, to actually meet the human and the relationship in the moment. He listens. He truly hears what is said. He also perceives and notes what is not said. He earns trust by honoring the way the client sees the issue, and he transitions seamlessly and compassionately to a new, more helpful view. This leads into offering a specific system and assignment that rarely fails to unlock the opportunity in the problem. He always shares all of this humbly and with the expectation that the client will take what suits, leave what doesn’t, and make it their own.”

Mark DiMassimo

Founder and Chief of DiGo - The Positive Behavior Change Agency™

“Dr. David Gruder hit the spot and was exactly what we needed for our annual event! He brought a high level of excitement and humor that kept everyone thoroughly engaged. It is difficult to keep the attention of 65 faculty and staff, but David did it with ease. We are very pleased with his message and highly recommend him for future events.”
Jude Gronenthal

Director of Operations, West Region, Defense Acquisition University

“All of your unrealized wealth is right now in your blind spot. Transformation requires revelation of blind spots. You can’t reveal your own blind spots. David Gruder is a master at illuminating your blind spots and at equipping you to turn them into gold.”
the late Mark S. A. Smith

Founder, Executive Strategy Skills Retreats

“David Gruder is literally a GENIUS in mental performance and business strategy. No matter what I need help with, from clarifying my message to creating a clear of plan of action, he quickly and easily gives me the perfect steps to implement. And he does it in a way that leaves me inspired, confident and ready to take action. I am incredibly grateful to have David Gruder on my team!”
AmondaRose Igoe

6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist

“Working with you was quite possibly my most important investment in starting a business venture.”

Monique Baskin

Former US Air Force Major

“Dr. Gruder is incredible… whether it be in leading, teaching, coaching, or mentoring colleagues, he excels.”
Diane Guthrie

Certified Meeting Planner, Guthrie & Associates

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ‘Dr. David Gruder’ became a household name as the person who spearheaded a massive transition and transformation in our individual, relational and societal integrity and wholeness.”
Constance Wells,

Senior Vice-President (retired), Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“Dr. Gruder ushers in a manifesto of world peace for the unborn generations of the Global Village in all countries. He is MY leadership and personal integrity coach, assuring as I move more to heads of nations I deserve the blessing of trust conferred by the investment to take personal integrity to new standards in my life. David is the BEST of the BEST for setting up integrity sequences, systems, and teams, in any size venture. Use him too.”
the late Berny Dohrmann

Founder & Chairman, CEO , Space International

“If policy makers and leaders from both the developed and developing world took Dr. Gruder’s wisdom to heart, we would see less political game playing and rhetoric on the international stage and a real movement towards fulfilling the human rights and dignity of vulnerable populations in our world.”
Aileen Kwa

co-author of Behind the Scenes at the WTO (World Trade Organization): The Real World of International Trade Negotiations

“Dr. Gruder organizes the many steps in personal, relationship and leadership development into a grand developmental scheme that may result in him one day being regarded as ‘The Sigmund Freud of the twenty-first century.'” 
Dawson Church,

PhD, Co-Founder, The Soul Medicine Institute

“Dr. David Gruder’s body of work is the information you had wished you would have come across first, when you originally decided to embark on your journey of self-development, worldly success, and optimal living. It would have made more sense, been easier to follow, and created more profound results with the generous and specific tools for “how to” really create the sustainable changes at work and home that deeply matter most.”
Rachelle Fender

Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, The Unstoppable Foundation

“You’re always first to identify how individuals and organizations are de-railed and offer actionable ways to get back on track.”
Dr. Roxanne DuVivier

former Senior Vice President, Hocking College

Dr. Gruder’s Integrity Leadership training is the foundation to building a strong company or organization. In today’s world the upsets are a result of unclear understanding of what people are experiencing and not knowing how to handle it. The tools he provides can change the world’s culture to be in integrity. Incorporate personally and you can become the change you desire globally.”
Carol Wachniak

Co-founder, Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji

“Dr. Gruder’s very insightful keynote about the psychology of selling a business illuminated an essential part of M&A transactions that most businesses don’t think and plan for… but need to.”
M&A conference attendee

“This wonderful person and leader had amazing business advice and strategies for us. We spent several hours together going over our new business plan and model with David. David is a well known driven and passionate industrial leader in business. His advice and time was priceless. He is a leader, helping others reach their goals and is truly a remarkable man.”
Tracy Peart

President, DatingUp

“David Gruder is simply a business decathlete and sales genius with a PhD in psychology, like a superman in a cape. Engaging Dr. David Gruder has been the best move I’ve ever made in my career. I have been astounded by his scope of expertise, depth of brilliance, and his unique ability to see the gap between Success and where I was. Dr. David has taken me from an aspiring author to a published who is sailing toward the second career of my dreams with Success baked in. Along the way, he has exceeded all of his promises, and generously taught me what Success requires of me. Dr. Gruder is also brilliant in applying the psychology of sales to guide your prospects toward your shopping cart. He even knows what a book cover must deliver for the author. You know Dr. David is a rare find because I enjoy paying him out of gratitude!”
Dr. Felix Liao,

DDS, Father of WholeHealth Dentistry

“In Dr. Gruder’s presence you feel a spiritual teacher, not merely a scholar in his field.”

Mercedes Guzman,

Radio Show Host & Professional Motivator

“Leaders need an integrity check-up and Dr. David Gruder is just the man to do it. Too many well-meaning leaders haven’t made the connection between their personal and relationship development and their effectiveness in the collective arena. Dr. Gruder’s simple yet powerful integrity model provides a much-needed shot in the arm.”
Ken Blanchard

Founder, Co-author of The One Minute Manager® & Leading at a Higher Level, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“THE authority in helping leaders move from a transactional business model to a transformative model.”
Corinne Lebrun

Uplevel Ninja Business Coach

“An amazing facilitator who tames a room full of egos and genius into a group of aligned collaborators, as Gunther Gable did with the tigers he managed.”
Gia Heller

CEO, Social Media Masters & National Business Experts

“A pragmatic visionary, Dr. Gruder offers a powerful practical lens that reframes many of the problems that vex us today, from our most intimate personal relationships to the international issues that now plague humankind, casting them in a light that makes creating more useful breakthroughs possible.”
Robert W. Fuller, Ph.D.,

Co-founder of The Hunger Project; Former president of Oberlin College

“Brings clarity, for today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow, to the complexities of personal development that is not available from any other source. Provides excellent step-by-step guides for finding one’s own formula for a complete, confident and productive life.”
Mort Mondale

United Stated National Educational Association professional development specialist (retired); brother of former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale

“Today’s preeminent thought leader on practical ways to bring integrity back into daily life, relationships, business, politics, the media, eduction, and religion.”
Rob McConnell

X-Zone Radio, CEO, , REL-MAR McConnell Media Company

“I have the utmost of deep respect for you as one of the world’s top leaders. I am completely blown away every time by your valuable insights. Thank-you for all your contributions to the world!”
Nadene Joy

Chair of The Global Lead 2 Impact Summit & CEO of NJ Consulting

“Dr. Gruder’s work is among the most transformative approaches to business that you will ever see – and he is providing it at a time of the greatest and most uplifting changes in human history.”
Dr. Mark Hewitt

Founder, NuGen Development & the Lydian Foundation

“Dr Gruder is an extremely wise, effective and compassionate thought leader. You might want to connect with him before the censors cancel your ability to access his wisdom.”
Bruce Raymond Wright

“Dr. Gruder provided a high-performance leadership program to our top leaders at Infolink-exp, and we all were absolutely thrilled with the level of training we got. What made us decide on his program, as opposed to any other, was the fact that he approaches leadership from a perspective of integrity, which is exactly the underlying value that we want to build our company culture around. Our whole team now has an excellent set of practical tools to improve as individuals, to collaborate with each other, and to perform as leaders. I highly recommend Dr. Gruder’s training to anyone wanting to provide their team with the tools needed to make quantum leaps in their ability to collaborate and perform at a high level.”
José A. González

CEO,, Infolink-EXP (Mexico, U.S., Spain)

“Our law firm hired Dr. David Gruder to deliver a presentation to our employees on integrity and culture in the workplace. Even though we only gave Dr. Gruder an hour to present, he brilliantly integrated our firm’s fundamental values with a slice of his core teachings to give us an insightful and thought-provoking session. Our attorneys and support staff connected with his authenticity, and the exercise he built his program around provided a practical procedure for enhancing individual engagement and team collaboration in more fully embodying our firm’s mission. We highly recommend Dr. Gruder for presenting, facilitating and consulting on integrity and culture, not only for other law firms but for just about any company seeking to make integrity, collaboration, and accountability profitable.”
Maria Crimi Speth

Shareholder, Jaburg Wilk

“David has defined simple steps to create a more functional work environment.”
Jai Hudes

CEO & Founder of eXperience Technologies

The Transcendent Advisory Experience (TAE) is a pioneering purpose-driven consultancy that equips organizations to unlock their full potential and transcend traditional limitations. Crafted by Dr. David Gruder and backed by many decades of expertise, the TAE delivers a custom-tailored framework and immersive journey that propels impact-focused businesses, nonprofits, and agencies, to new heights of success and fulfillment.

Unveil your unique “superpowers” and “sweet spots”, bridge your gaps, and brilliantly convert your strategic visions into high-leverage action plans, all while fostering a culture of continuous growth and accountability.

With the TAE, your organization will stand at the forefront of the Transcendent Economy, where meaningful impact and growth align to create a brighter, more prosperous future for all. Access the extraordinary – choose the TAE for an unparalleled journey that blows away the boundaries of success.

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