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Your Customizable TAE Adventure:
A Brainstorming Menu for Specialized Focuses

To help you grasp the breadth and depth of topics Dr. Gruder can incorporate into your TAE, he invites you to explore this specialized menu of focus areas. These include elevating life architecture, executive effectiveness, corporate culture, brand integrity, and exit strategies (succession, M&A, and retirement). Use this menu as a springboard for customizing your Transcendent Advisory Experience, Framework, and Journey, to ensure that it perfectly aligns with your distinct aspirations, interests, and needs.

As you review the options below (click the topic you’re interested in and a topics list will appear), consider which resonate with you, your executive team, and your enterprise culture. Don’t hesitate to identify additional topics that could further enrich and deepen your TAE. Dr. Gruder looks forward to discussing your selected topics and collaborating with you to create an ideal journey for you and your enterprise.

Transcendent Advisory Experience Icon: Stairs
Life Architecture Elevation Sample Topics
  • Unveil Your Inner Compass: Crystalize and Integrate Your Impact and Soul Growth Missions
  • Ignite Your Inner Brilliance: Uncover Your Essence and Unleash Your Superpowers
  • Architect Your Grand Vision: Align Life Goals with Business Growth and Legacy to Determine How Large to Grow Your Business and How Fast to Scale It
  • Harmonize Your Personal and Professional Paths: The Art of Purpose-Driven Alignment of Personal Purpose, Ultimate Life Goals & Business or Legacy Mission
  • Master the Art of Life Energy Management: Integrate Your Personal, Relationship, Business, and Service Commitments
Executive Effectiveness Elevation Sample Topics
  • Hidden Keys to Executive Effectiveness: Unveil What You Don’t See in Yourself That’s Undermining Your Leadership
  • Archetypes of Flourishing Leaders & Businesses: Harnessing the Five Psychological Strengths of Successful Executives and Enterprises
  • Power and Authority in Leadership: Level Up Your Relationship With Ethical Influence
  • Transcendent C-Suite Architecture: A Blueprint for Building an Unstoppable Leadership Team
  • Transcendent C-Suite Collaboration: Orchestrating Executive Synergy Instead of Silos
  • Deal Differently With Difficult Personnel: A Transcendent Archetypal Approach to Navigating Difficult Relationships
  • Systems Theory for Leaders: Unraveling Harmful Group Dynamics to Cultivate Healthy, High-Performing Organizations
  • Catalyzing Collective Problem-Solving: Facilitating Wise Group Insights and Decisions
  • End Executive Over-Functioning: How to Empower Others by Leading Through Mentorship
  • The Art of Sequencing Excellence: Unlocking Success in Project Design and Management
  • Mature Your Inner Critic: Transmute Self-Limiting Beliefs into Executive Growth Assets
  • Emotional Self-Mastery: The Key to Level-Hearted and Resilient Leadership
  • Boundaries Intelligence: Collaborate With Others Without Resentment and With Integrity
  • Master Planning Essentials: Filling the Gap in Strategy Development
  • The Johari Window: A Tool for Illuminating Self-Awareness, Transparency, and Growth
  • Upleveling DEI: Effectively Navigating Diversity and Inclusion Training Pitfalls
  • Facilitate Difficult Discussions About Touchy Topics in Transformative Ways
  • Unravel Your Money Shadow: Get Free From Hidden Forces Undermining Financial Decisions
Culture Effectiveness Elevation Sample Topics
  • Culture by Design: Architecting and Implementing a Purpose-Driven and Thriving Company Culture
  • Undoing Dysfunctional Organizational Dynamics: Shadow Literacy for Culture Architects
  • Recognizing and Repairing the “Projection Magnet Dynamic:” The Most Prevalent Yet Under-Recognized Dysfunctional Group Dynamic
  • Aligning Talent and Culture: Strategies for Selecting, Onboarding, and Retaining Culture-Fit Employees
  • Clarifying Responsibility versus Authority in Role Descriptions
  • Container Building: Crafting a High Honesty, High Performance Collaborative Team Climate
  • Collaboration Brilliance: Mastering Brainstorming, Coordination, and Problem-Solving for Breakthrough Results
  • Collaborative Accountability: Turning Accountability From a Punishment Weapon into a Growth Catalyst
  • The Responsibility-Authority Equation: Creating Clear Role Descriptions for Effective Accountability
  • Crafting Accountability-Capable Engagement Agreements & Commitments
  • The Best Practices Elevation Procedure: Upleveling Standards for Continuous Improvement
  • The Collaboration Breakdown Repair Procedure for Harvesting Gifts From Conflict
  • Performance Reviews Reimagined: A Growth-Oriented, Engagement-Enhancing Approach
  • Collaborative Disengagement: A Graceful Accountability-Centric Transition Process for Employees
  • Supercharging Discretionary Effort in Your Personnel through the Vertical Integrity Process™
  • How to Have Difficult Discussions About Touchy Topics in Transformative Ways
  • Installing Anger Literacy & Effectiveness in the Workplace
  • Illuminating Authority Shadow: How to Recognize and Address Hidden Power Dynamics
Brand Integrity Elevation Sample Topics
  • Beyond Vision and Mission: Boosting Brand Distinctiveness & Compellingness by Identifying Your Business’s “True Value” to Those You Serve and Society-at-Large
  • A Marketing Effectiveness Mindshift: Mastering Psychological Principles for Unparalleled Brand Influence
  • The Ethical Sales Edge: Delighting Customers, Building Trust, and Elevating Your Brand
  • Journey Mapping Mastery: Unlocking Psychological Wisdom for Unforgettably Effective Prospect and Customer Experiences
  • The Customer Care Compass: The Step Beyond Company Values That Equips Personnel for Effective Decision-Making With Client Care Dilemmas
  • Public Relations Psychology: Turning “Brand Slaughter” Situations into Brand Integrity Opportunities
Exit Elevation Sample Topics (Succession, M&A, and Retirement Psychology)
  • Life After Exit: A Psychological Roadmap for Crafting Your Exciting New Beginning So You Don’t Sabotage Succession or Sale
  • Repairing the Costs of Success: Restoring Your Wellbeing and Healing Your Relationships After Attaining High Achievement
  • The Succession Planning Secret: Keys to Becoming A Happily Disposable Leader
  • Culture Preparation Blueprint: Ensuring That Your Team Successfully Navigates Succession, M&A, and Leadership Changes
  • Seamless Integration: A Guide to Harmoniously Uniting New Leadership with Established Company Culture
  • Merger Magic: Creating a Blended Family Between Two Corporate Cultures
  • The Art of Cultural Fusion: Merging Corporate Cultures into a United, Harmonious, High-Performing Blended Organization

The Transcendent Advisory Experience (TAE) is a pioneering purpose-focused consultancy that equips impact-driven organizations to unlock their full potential and transcend traditional limitations. Crafted by Dr. David Gruder, and backed by many decades of expertise, the TAE delivers a custom-tailored framework and immersive journey that propels your business, nonprofit, cause, or agency, to new heights of success and fulfillment.

Unveil your unique “superpowers” and “sweet spots”, bridge your gaps, and brilliantly convert your strategic visions into high-leverage action plans, all while catalyzing a culture of continuous growth and accountability

The transcendent nature of the TAE sets it apart from conventional advisory services, through equipping your organization to surpass its current state and reach new heights of success, impact, and legacy

With the TAE, your organization will stand at the forefront of the Transcendent Economy, where meaningful impact and financial wellbeing align to create a brighter, wiser, and more prosperous future for all. Access the extraordinary – choose the TAE for an unparalleled journey that blows away the boundaries of success.

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