What I mean by self-sovereignty is taking full responsibility for one’s perspectives, choices, words, actions, and impacts. It is about recognizing our power to shape our own lives and our impact on others as we exert that personal power.

What I mean by enlightened self-sovereignty takes self-sovereignty a couple of steps further. Enlightened self-sovereignty integrates personal freedom with the wellbeing of society, through aligning our beliefs and actions with universal spiritual principles known as the perennial wisdom or the perennial philosophy.

This reflects a deeper understanding that our self-sovereignty is inextricably interconnected with the greater good of all. In essence, it is the embodiment of what I call spiritual self-sovereignty that serves us all.” I view this version of self-sovereignty as essential to humanity’s future because, as I see it, personal freedom without social responsibility is narcissism, and social responsibility without freedom is tyranny.

Elevating our self-sovereignty in these ways is like tuning up a musical instrument. Just as a guitar or piano needs to be regularly tuned to produce pleasing music, we too can benefit from tuning up our own “instrument” into increasingly enlightened self-sovereignty.

As to “who” has hijacked humanity, I’m less focused on “who” is doing the hijacking or “why” the hijacking is happening, although I don’t entirely ignore those questions. However, I am primarily focused on “what” has been hijacked, and on equipping citizens, influencers, and leaders to get free from those “spells” that hijack us, so they can elevate their own socially responsible self-sovereignty and facilitate this in their spheres of influence.

“TheCESS Manifesto” illuminates the values and beliefs of The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty (TheCESS for short). My “Hijacking of Humanity” and “Reimagining Humanity” eBooks, and my “SPARK Blueprint for Actualizing a Reimagined Future for Yourself and Humanity,” provide deeper-dive details. These are available to free members of TheCESS, along with basic training in customizing and implementing the SPARK Blueprint for your own purposes.

SPARK is an acronym for the blueprint’s five ingredients:

  1. Shatter Your Spells;
  2. Picture the Future;
  3. Align Your Purpose and Paradigm;
  4. Reinvent Your Toolbox; and
  5. Kindle Collaboration.

What I mean by spells in this particular context is deeply ingrained, often subconscious, beliefs and behavior patterns that limit an individual’s self-sovereignty and social responsibility. Getting free from these patterns is like breaking the chains that hold us back from embodying enlightened self-sovereignty.

Picturing the future is like looking at photos of a place that is so appealing that we instantly want to go there. Stephen Covey famously said, “Begin with the end in mind.” I would modify that to say “Begin with the best possible end in mind.” We need to have a clear vision of where we want to go before we can develop a detailed plan for how we’ll get there. Developing that vision is what the “picture the future” SPARK ingredient is all about.

Aligning our purpose and paradigm is similar to calibrating a compass or updating GPS device. We each have an inner compass that we periodically need to recalibrate so it’s better and better at guiding us in an elevated direction. We need to use this because our sense of purpose can sometimes get off track if we don’t regularly check to make sure we’re remaining aligned with our highest purpose and deepest values.

Reinventing your toolbox is analogous to updating the software on a computer or smartphone: it sometimes needs to be updated so it’s always become more efficient and effective. Similarly, we humans need to constantly update our skillsets so we’re always using the best tools for navigating our world and living our purpose.

Kindling collaboration is like creating something called “sympathetic resonance:” when one thing vibrates, other nearby objects start vibrating in harmony with it. Similarly, when we are living in alignment with our values, others around us who have a similar ‘frequency’ start to vibrate in harmony with us. This kindles highly harmonious collaboration.

As you now see, TheCESS illuminates a practical path away from what ails us and toward a spiritually elevated future for yourself and humanity. It provides a self-empowerment toolkit for individuals and groups who want to take control of their own destiny and participate in creating a better future for all.

Doing all this requires much more than just self-improvement. It also requires collective empowerment. It requires people who are free from learned helplessness (having been trained into believing we have far less power and impact than we do), and who replace divisiveness and polarization with integrating individual self-sovereignty and collective wellbeing.

TheCESS exists to provide a valuable foundation for co-crafting humanity’s best future, in which we elevate our individual and collective capacity to effectively reconcile the seeming tensions between personal freedom and the wellbeing of humanity. I view this integration as a massively important key to more fully embodying and facilitating spiritual self-sovereignty that serves us all, as individuals, communities, and a species.

The training that accompanies this SPARK Blueprint shows you how to use it to sculpt your life… possibly far more effectively than you might have known how to do before encountering this roadmap. And not only by yourself. It’s a roadmap to transcendence on a massive scale. The entire SPARK Blueprint, including basic training in implementing it, is also part of your free membership in The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty.

I encourage you to embrace your journey toward self-sovereignty by taking ownership of your life and of the impact you have on the world. As you deepen your understanding of universal spiritual principles, and align your choices with those, you’ll transcend into the delicious realm of Enlightened Self-Sovereignty.

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